What are the benefits of using steel framing on your new home?

What are the benefits of using steel framing on your new home?

Steel framing is a new and popular alternative to what builders traditionally used: timber. We look at the global shift in preference and why steel framing is so advantageous. 

It’s important to have your own understanding of building materials and which frame will suit you best before embarking on your new home building venture.

So what benefits do steel framing have for your home?

Minimising Waste 

Waste is significantly reduced when working with steel as frames are pre-cut before arriving on site and don’t need to be altered during the construction process. These pre-assembled steel packages can be lifted straight from the truck into sequence.

Steel is recyclable 

Steel is 100% recyclable and all steel off-cuts from a construction site are sent to a factory to be recycled back into steel components. In a study by SCI this results in 70% waste reduction and globally 85% of steel in demolition projects is recycled.

Green thumb

Steel frames are more environmentally friendly than timber, as using steel frames conserves forests and prevents the need for the removal of natural vegetation to make way for plantations.

Reduced construction cost 

Lightweight steel framing weighs less than timber, which brings with it a reduction in labour. Steel frames are easy to construct and finish, meaning you’ll always have access to the skills to modify or extend your home at a later time.

Design possibilities 

Curves, creative designs and optimum architectural forms are easier to achieve with metal framing as virtually anything is impossible. These include long clear spans for open plan living and even curved trusses.

Excellent durability 

Steel frames have the ability to sustain more structural weight and last longer than timber, they also don’t absorb moisture or dry out.

Termite proof

Steel cannot be affected by termites and other pests like wood can. It is also less affected by elements such as fire and water, protecting your home better during natural disasters.

When talking to a builder and comparing costs, it’s important to understand your needs and use of the home to help inform how a steel frame could be beneficial for your new home build.

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